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Why Reupholster at all? Why not just buy new furniture?

What a lot of people do when they are buying furniture is that they seem to buy it because of how it looks, not the quality.  Furniture is expensive and people almost never research or really learn about its quality before they buy. Since they don't know a lot about what they are getting, they wont know if they are getting a high quality piece of furniture and a good price for what they are getting. Many people do not understand the advantages of reupholstering with new fillers and fabric. So let me explain a couple of reasons to reupholster at all.


Let me just say it plain and simple: you are using less resources. Now let me go a little bit more in depth into what that means. When you buy a new sofa, you use more resources like wood from the earth, which requires a tree to be chopped down. That's just common knowledge. But, when you have a company reupholster an old sofa, and make the old one better, you aren't using that many resources. Some of the materials used in re-upholstery are also good for the environment. Many fabrics use recycled materials and environmentally low impact methods. But that isn't all, Polyester Dacron is used for padding and cushion wrapping and also has recycled components.


In your life, your style will probably change. Maybe you used to like leather furniture but now you like velvet. But that is not a reason to waste your old furniture. For some people it could be that there are pets in their home and they need a material that is easier to clean. This can be solved with the help of Zarin Fabrics. Just because you decide you don't like a certain piece or you cannot have it because of pets or children, then you can simply have us reupholster it for you!

There are so many more reasons to reupholster. We obviously recommend reupholstering with us. But with that we run into a problem, what if you don't live in or near NYC?  Well there is a simple answer. You can buy fabric from us online, even if you don't know how to reupholster, here is a quick guide to DIY reupholstery. All you have to do is buy the fabric from us, and you can do it yourself or with friends. We also sell the Polyester Dacron and foam rubber!  I believe in you! If you aren't sure if you like a fabric you see in our store you can always order a sample from us. There you have it, now you know why you should Reupholster.


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