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What is upholstery fabric?

What is upholstery anyways?

Simply put, upholstery fabric is the soft padding  on the outside of curtains, sofas, etc. So this includes, fabric, padding, webbing and springs. The process actually began in the middle ages (fun fact). However, it did not become popular until around the 1600s-1800s. But the process has largely changed, different materials have been used from hay to wool. However modern upholstered items typically contain metal springs and foam which gives it durability. The interior materials (the wood or something close to that) cannot be seen but they do make a big difference in whether the piece is comfortable. Some pieces of furniture are not upholstered however. These are usually things like tables. They can be made up of onyx, marble, quartz and so much more. You can get high quality designer fabric and upholstery here at


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