Baiser Rose Room Spray

Baiser Rose Room Spray

Baiser ROSE Home Spray will allow you to fragrance the Baiser ROSE scent instantly wherever you want.

The packaging is made in aluminum to assure a safe and practical use.

Made in France

Baiser ROSE has been designed in collaboration with Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

Baiser ROSE evokes the feminine and sophistication of Kelly, featuring a fragrance of the Hamptons summer season.

Baiser ROSE fragrance embodies the purity and refinement of the perfect summer bouquet combining rose, jasmine, carnation and lily.

Baiser ROSE is made in the pure tradition of French craftsmanship; the scent was created by Grasse's top Perfumers, using the best ingredients, mixed with a superior vegetal blend wax and a lead-free pure cotton wick. Those combined elements bring a sophisticated scent and clean burn.