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Love It Or Let Go

There are two words that come to mind when designing a great home form and function. Translated in design speak, everything must be beautiful, and everything must have a purpose.


It's how we edit for clutter, it's how we make color choices, its how we decide if we really need that 6th pillow on the sofa. Does it make your knees weak? Does kit inspire envy? Will you actually use it? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may keep Aunt Winifred's bronzed collection of shark teeth. However, should you waiver on any of the above, then it's best to give it away or sell it using an app like LetGo. Whether you live in NYC, or L.A., the clutter you keep will start to define you. When you fill your space with bits and pieces that are broken, hideous, or just plain don't belong, you take away all the peace of mind that comes from being home. Think about it - when you stay in a hotel, what is the best part about the experience, besides the maid service and mini bar? It's the feeling you get when you step into a pristine room meant purely for your relaxation. The crisp bedding, fluffy towels, perfectly coordinated furniture, and you guys - the remote even comes with a giant sign and a guide that says use me, I'm yours. It's the best, partly because of the convenience, but also because there is nothing in that room to distract you from being in your own little cocoon of bliss. Clear the clutter, and you will clear your mind. 

Make your choice swiftly, and put the ping pong paddle back in the goodwill box, I repeat, put it back! If you have a lot of pieces with sentimental value, I suggest you designate one wall or vignette to show those pieces off, and let your conscience be at peace with keeping the rest in storage. Below you can see really clean, creative ways to infuse your family heirlooms in your bliss cocoon.

Keeping like colors together  and mixing large and small silhouettes is a great way to make your vintage vignette look like it's on purpose. Make sure to edit your assortment - only keep what you absolutely love. I usually suggest creating a gallery wall or choosing a very chic shelving unit to display everything and give the illusion of organization. Make sure everything is spaced out properly, as if it were a museum display, and while you're at it, any time you can put an image or object in a frame, you elevate the look and feel of the piece. It's amazing what an acrylic frame can do!

Remember - unnecessary items in your living space breeds blockage in your mind and in your heart. Clean, beautiful spaces open you up to feel at ease in your living space, and excited to show it off to friends and family. When you stop thinking about what you can't let go of and can't do, you will open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities and freedom.  You can do it, I believe in you!

Xx Amber